What Our Customers Are Saying

When you build a single-level living home with Ovation Homes, you become part of our family. Want to provide you with a home that you can be proud of, which is why you will be involved in the project every step of the way. Every individual is given a project manager to work with pertaining to the design and changes of a home. We keep you updated with the entire construction process, and work hard to provide you only the  highest quality work. Here are a few of the things our customers are saying about Ovation Homes in Layton.\n\nSally – Which of the one level living features stood out to you? – “Obviously having my laundry room, my washroom, on the main level and having that large enough that I could actually do my wash in there and do other tings, um also having their floor plans are very open and so with this one level living I could be in the kitchen and I can see TV, I know what’s going on in the great room and to me that’s really a selling point.”\n\nRon – “One thing we found living in our other home, it was much bigger counting the basement, but we spent all of our time upstairs, and the upstairs was you know approximately 1500 sq. feet, so we spent all of our time there, and in our Ovation home its about 2200 sq. ft. upstairs, or on the main floor, which is the only floor, so actually the living space turned out to be a lot more and it seems like there is more room to do things like sally said the thing we like is the openness you know we had a Christmas eve part and had Sally’s family which is a large family there, we had 44 people that showed up, you know we had in the house and we had it pretty comfortably so it was pretty nice that way, like I said it doesn’t seem like we’ve downsized because our actual living space and where we stay is more than it was in our bigger home so.”\n\nMartha – “They have been so helpful, brads been wonderful, there have been a few changes we’ve wanted here and there were going to add a hallway here in the entry so there can be an office for my husband, take a little space out of the garage. We wanted add a few more lights here and there, make a few changes. And they’ve been really good to work with us and uh so that its personal to us so the home is what we really want, there has been a few changes in mom and dads house too and they’ve been really good to work with us.”\n\nGarth – “Well I’m a an essentially lazy person so I didn’t want to shovel snow and when I was told that the snow removal was included I was sold right off plus the lawn care and so forth was taken care of. But the single level living is important to us, Martha has rheumatoid arthritis and so stairs are a problem for her and so these plans were exactly what we needed to move into.”\n\nIf you are ready to start building your new single-level living home, contact Ovation Homes in Layton today (801)444-3639!